Before we start writing to you about the history of Leser Yoga, we would love to thank you for the time you are dedicating to reading us to discover what is behind us.

We all have a path and this was ours:

Leser Yoga was born after many years of reflections, illusions and desire to create and revolutionize the sports sector. Today we still tend to use fabrics that come from petroleum, such as polyester or polyamides, and we don't really stop to think about the impact these materials have on our skin. These materials are synthetic materials, which do not allow our skin to perspire correctly and can irritate it. On the other hand, they are materials that release microplastics (especially when we wash them in the washing machine) which end up in the sea, damaging our ecosystem.

This reflection, precisely, was one of the reasons why Leser Yoga was born.

Yoga teaches us about the importance of breathing and how this breathing can help us. So why limit our skin and not let it breathe properly? ”

From there arose all the bases and the importance that it has today, that Leser Yoga is a brand that only uses natural fabrics/materials that are good for our skin, in order to fill our values ​​with coherence and commitment.

In addition to fabrics, fashion is an industry that tends to be produced in third world countries to reduce production costs, thus promoting ignorance of the people and conditions in which they work.

In order to ensure that these conditions were decent, at Leser Yoga it was decided to give importance of being close, sharing and knowing that the people behind each of the products (each and every one of the workshops and collaborators) They have good labour conditions and are passionate about the work they do. We opted, therefore, for a local and sustainable production.

Our workshops are less than 10 km away, thus promoting the closeness and proximity between us. Making it possible to generate fair work, therefore, consequently, fair fashion.

“ All the workshops play a very important role in the history of any brand and in ours it is a personal, close and sincere role.”

Our printing workshop works with screen printing, a manual and artisan process, in which we can regulate and reduce as much as possible the consumption of water and the amount of ecological dyes that we use.

All our workshops are locally located in Barcelona and therefore, we know each of the people who make it possible for our garments to reach you.

From Leser Yoga we believe that everything that is done from the heart has another essence, another light and it is precisely for this reason that loving what one does is so important.

At Leser Yoga we love to do things with soul.


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